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Antoni Miró

“Antoni Miró, plastic artist situated in the international trends of social realism”

Born in Alcoy in 1944, (Valencia, Spain). His vast work is present in numerous museums and collections all around the world, and has been analysed thoroughly in the extensive bibliography that accompanies and studies it. Some of the adjectives that may describe the artist are as follows: self-taught, tireless worker, simple, fighter, committed, supportive, friendly, imaginative, communicator, reflexive, calm, methodical, artisan, patient, nonconformist, plastic chronicler, agent, concerned, critical, restless, ironic and, especially, a painter passionate about the world of the art. He is a big defender of humanity, by which he has always made the maximum effort in favour of equality and fraternity.

The vital process, series

Brief studies, Josep Sou

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«Vida y obra, una misma identidad » Antoni Miró’s career

When the painter was 20 years old, he worked in his study located on Carrer Entença, Alcoy. The physical space was always essential throughout the painter’s life and was important for the evolution of his creative work.
Work with love, do not justify yourself, because any justification erases the intimate and true reality. Work with passion, with dignity, also with perfection, or do not expect nothing, then the life is this... Work. Only a man who works and thinks in his work being useful for others, is truly human.
(Antoni Miró, November 1976)

Interactive chronology by Antoni Miró

Antoni Miró in the present in his study in Sopalmo. We can observe the extraordinary arrangement of the objects, always available to him to generate creative thinking and artistic ideas.

Others wrote about Antoni Miró

In this gallery of authors, that have exerted the critical reflection on the work of the artist Antoni Miró, we find, firstly, fragments of his works, as well as, in second instance, the complete texts. Also, finally, the works that the authors have had along the time, and of the direct contact with the work of the painter.