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Sense Títol (2002-2012) Series

During a quite extensive period in his artistic career, the painter Antoni Miró builds a long series of works with the common reference of Sense Títol (Untitled), with a clear ironic intention, where the form and the color deliver to an intense profusion of documentary aims. The painter, that attends with preference, inside his vast work, to the strategic denomination of his compositions, in this occasion, and by semantic elevation, does not conceive the significant ascription like concrete state, and by the contrary insinuates the exact inhibition of the complex connotative field. And in the series that aim in these moments, live subseries that expand the spectrum in the semiotic of the representation. Variables that attend to the distinct centers of interest of the poet-painter, and that direct, with identical critical spirit, to the well-intentioned reading of the proposals’ receptor.

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