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Antoni Miró and the sense of the trip

As Homer, like an odeseey in the enneatype of Personality, arrived to the country in where there is permanent light, like this Antoni Miró builds his work at night, using the necessarylight, already embezzled by the daylight The pictures reverberate and elevate the synthesis of his deep thought.

The big travellers: Ulises, Dante, Aeneas or Alonso Quijano, do not determine trips as an end,but they take advantage of them to achieve ulterior goals, returning to the homeland, to learn about man and his transcendence, the foundation of Rome, or the vocation by “desfacer entuertos” [undue mistakes], discussing life and the work of these big travellers in history or the universal literature.

Antoni Miró realises his journey from knowledge, from understanding the world which took him some time, yet he felt so close. His existential trip is his own work, where passion and tenderness live together. Antoni Miró, a painter-poet without equidistance.


Josep Sou

Mediterrània, 1988. (Acrílico s/lienzo, 200x200) Antoni Miro