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Construction of the History: A. Miró with Bergson and Proust

If for Bergson history are the villages’ actions for freedom, attending to the intrinsic value of spirit in favour of creativity and against reductionism, Antoni Miró also devotes a good part of his creative effort to defend freedom or, rather, freedoms. A historyof Antoni Miró and the one of his pictorial work, that leads to the meanings through the connotative constants. a distinctive universe arises from the symbolic language and opens ways without need of eccentric hyperboles. The history towards freedom, or time detained, only for an instant, to facilitate analysis or maybe favour the commitment of the receptors of the creative reflection.

If Milton had lost a paradise, the paradise, Proust finds it through, possibly, involuntary memory, but Antoni Miró exerts the memoryand built it by reading, to give back the cordial matter of his human experience through his painting. Fabrics and pictures are continents that house the speech of the humanity. From the abstraction of the insinuating worlds, it is necessary to understand concept of knowledge for history: our history, individual, but also collective history. History surfaced from the reality of so many histories for freedom. In Antoni Miró’s work, hegathers the desire for the future and the capacity to host collective dreams in the same core of his work.

Josep Sou

Temps del Tirant, 2007. (Acrílico y metal s/lienzo, 81x81x4) Antoni Miro