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Antoni Miró: the grooves of Bertolt Brecht

The dramatist and German poet is characterised, among others, by his commitment to society to which he belonged. Political commitment, social and also aesthetic. He promoted the distance of futile, superficial or anecdotic things, in favour of intensity in the contemplation, and by taking a belligerent position on the part of the viewers. A distance that accelerated the critical consciousness of receptors, and also the actors, moving away anything irrelevant and unnecessary sentimentalism away.

Antoni Miró, from his links with social causes that defend critical spirit and human condition, establishes some budgets of social contemplation that go further than what is purely visual. Behind each artistic proposal, lives the underlying reality that he created. Reality is not truly present in his work, but it is the reality that the poet-painter generates after produnfinly analyusing his thoughts, like a cultural critical fact. Viers, receptor of his proposals, will never remain indifferent. They will take part by carrying out their own analytical work. Maybe taking on existential learning, or understanind painting or art as a like method of knowledge.

Josep Sou

Andròmina, 1995. (Acrílico s/lienzo, 200x200) Antoni Miro