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Antoni Miró: the strength of the Kantian analysis

The Kantian Categorical Imperative, in its three formulations, highligs the fact of reaching the universality of behaviours or works carried out by human beings because of the fact that humanity has always been treated as an aim and not as a means. It is also highlighted the fact that purposes need to be universalised so man can attend the reasons for his being in society. What do I have to do? What can do? In the first case, we find the answer in the moral sense, and maybe then criticism, with the intrinsic value of analysis, answering the question with some accuracy.

Antoni Miró builds the corpus of his work with the will to exert criticism with the precise value of analysis. He digs the earth of the events with knowledge as the main tool, exhuming, to a large extent, the paradigm in the behaviour of men. What do I have to do? The artist takes part in everything that means the slope of humanity, without borders that determine the scope of his proposals. What can I do? A. Miró establishes, through his paintings, the intimate shock that carries him not only to diagnose the vital events, but almost by pure rationality, or by strict ethics, towards the practice of a life chaired by supportive effort, by commitment, and for freedom.

Josep Sou

Repressió no. Cultura sí, 1982. (Acrílic s/paper, 30x40) Antoni Miro