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The music and Antoni Miró. A sensorial reinforcement

Not only the metaphor of the sound of brushes seething the territorial surface of the picture, no. Sopalmo: house, paradise, museum, agora, the city of the meetings, and so many more things, is a discern of classical music, of constant presence and endless complicities. The painter, the artist, the creativity, listens to music which enhances the atmosphere of his study, and giving him to ideal surroundings to draw worlds without limits.

And they are, of course, the particular voices that correspond with his absolute fidelity to the cause of his inquiries: Ovidi Montllor, Maria del Mar Bonet, Lluís Llach, Feliu Ventura, Raimon...language twishes, memory, long-life learning and the pride of belonging.

And like this, the days are his nights, from the depth of his thoughts, to the conquest of the very restless work, although with considerable urgency of willingness

Josep Sou

Senzillament l’Ovidi, 2006. (Acrílico y metal s/lienzo 81x81x4) Antoni Miro