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Antoni Miró’s combat (presentation)

Isabel Clara Simó

Antoni Miró is a different artist, and not just because he found new paths, terribly original expressive forms, nor to pour in every work all their technical and artistic knowledge, no: it is different because it involves us. He is the antithesis of the ivory tower, where the lords of the brush enclose themselves. He gets involved, is committed. Do not leave us alone, nor allowing the art to be a barrier. Quite the opposite: Antoni Miró art is a link. A link where he deposits not only his dignity but also our poor and distressed dignity.

The human being is time. It’s history. It runs through the centuries as a creature touching with the fingers through the water from the sea without a trace. Sometimes, however, there is a pebble, a tiny universe that makes a drawing in the water. Sometimes it is a giant rock that marks waves or sets the brightness of the sea, that becomes combative and struggles with it. Antoni Miró is this rock. He does not stop the flow carried away by water, but resisted: combats. Fighting lucid with the powerful weapons of some brushes and some paint cans.

Antoni Miró laugh at fashions: he is his style! And paints to expose the reality, to look at it with eyes of fire, breaking the silence of resignation and fatalism. When he looks at our history, Miró is with the vanquished, but not dragging his feet in retreat, but angry and ironic, putting a mirror in front of the winners and letting his skull reflect his fetid ugliness.

Antoni Miró is a combatant. And yet it is tender and full of love. Call it solidarity, if you wish...