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When the «characters» take shape and reveal themselves in Antoni Miró's painting

Time saves forms by converting them into a kind of suffrage, where the auguries of certainty follow one another in perfect evanescent matter. Because the answers that underlie the contemplation of them do not obey any reason, only the desire to capture the ultimate truth, and that lives in the root of its free construction. E. Cioran reminds us in «The Sunset of Thought», Ed. Tusquets, p. 169, that: "I wish you could think when your thoughts light up! But what ideas could take body when smoke comes out of the brain and sparks of the heart? There is too much rigor for the simple need to reach, with audacity, the intimacy in the looks that are prepared to represent the whole universe of thoughts in the reason. Perhaps Antoni Miró postulates himself as a conscious demiurge when intervening in the powerful circumstances that are adorned in every fleeting flash of the eyes of others. And universes are opened as there are precise frames of the same story, which is still the painter's story, or the life of the artist, who sticks to the set of his portraits, in the immensity of his "characters." And Antoni Miró talks about himself. He tells us his own thoughts when he describes, with his brushes, the alien character. The artist allows our circumstantial encounter in the rooms of a world that belongs to us, since it is clearly part of our need to delve into the disembodied matter of collective desires, staring at the faces that speak to us from the wall.

Painting, or art, may be like a fight. Well, E. Cioran warns when he establishes a parallel between thought and reason. Perhaps a struggle of opposites, which hinders the calm at the time of establishing sufficient balances, and that stimulates the discovery of certain truths that follow the pure necessity of apprehension. But if the reason does not reach, the passion to discover in the looks the legitimate cause of the pride of belonging, is sufficient motor to feed the will. Also the illusion for knowledge.

Josep Sou

Supervivents 2015. Uri-Casimira, Índia (Acríli s/llenç, 162 x 114) Sense Sèrie. Antoni Miro