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Literature, whose lyricism thanks the Bacchic song, as well as the recognition of a will to modulate the scope of the poetic, can, and in fact transcends, contaminate the plastic artistic universe as well. There is a kind of supervening osmosis when we say about the poetics of painting, transferring to the plastic the values ​​that are close, or identify by nature, the wide world of verses.

Is there, then, a pictorial reality of a dithyrambic nature? Maybe yes. In fact, it seems to exist in numerous and risky compositional metaphors in the universe of painting. And it is structured through themes whose sensitivity thrills, and approaches with the affectionate care of conviction, directing the gaze towards where pain, in its multiple forms of representation, dwells, among others.

And compassion, in so many paintings by the artist Antoni Miró, is easily detached. From an extraordinary lyricism, a will and an unbreakable force, the value that poetics invests in the margins of his painting is accepted. Or of art, because as Carducci interprets: "art and literature are the moral emanation of civilization."

Josep Sou

Tria-brossa 2010 (Acrílic i collage i metall/paper 76 x 56) Sense TítolAntoni Miro