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Antoni “a brother in arms with half-open doors between his hands"

Rodolfo Torres


His contemplative gaze and his hands, his acts and his words arrive from far-off Alcoi to give us props for our worn-down bones and oils for the solitude of the traveller.

His supportive humanity reaches us to be one of us in this business of culture belonging to everybody and for everybody where bruised and unprotected utopia still lights our way, so that neither flags, nor ideologies nor an indecent privileged few determine who is admitted to their presence, whatever their place in the world.


Antoni, in his long trajectory as an engaged artist, has showed us permanent and necessary changes that permit him to be coherent always in his thinking and in his acts. Sheltered with varied supports and materials, he always brings those old rituals of the observant artisan, attentive and sensible, whose spirit is loaded with ancient winds, where he wisely builds messages of half-open doors that he transfers to us: open or leave them to continue towards another place, like an unclosed circle, stirring and necessary behind that bond that is not a monologue but an open dialogue between Antoni and us through his pieces.

The people always there... always.

They appear touched with their stories and what they determine, expressed in looks and gestures while, here or there, Miró's bicycles fly overhead offering their empty seats to “gain height” as the popular singer would say, trying to transcend injustice and solitude without looking the other way.


Many small towns where culture is only a thin discourse and a large flag will receive Miró on exhibit, possibly in places that are not wholly suitable, but absolutely necessary so that everybody grows free and supportive, building a broad base where culture, a right for everybody, establishes itself naturally and without prejudices.

“Miró on exhibit” is a way of knowing that in that place, away from those towns and their daily routines, someone called Antoni Miró recognizes them and hugs them with his art and warmth.


“If it is a man's nature to express him through painting, he cannot categorize painting in such a way that he nun it into his denial as a man.”
Rubén Yáñez


By his acts, Antoni helps us to uncategorise even our ideas with his supportive company. Good winds still blow around here, and the small fire of hope permanently revives to light the way of utopias in search of a “culture belonging to everybody and for everybody” with the help of support and commitment.


Antoni bicycles.

Antoni brother in arms.

Antoni one of us and for all of us.


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