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To Antoni Miró

Emili Rodríguez-Bernabeu

With preliminary orders
and schematic signs
you remove the collective ash
made of four sticks of blood and twilight.

Who can structure
the path you propose?

Who can project
from ancient spoils
the new coherence?

Under your most vivid imprint of the cry,
blanket the hope of the resumption,
beyond resignations
and iterated undone.

How will we remake the story?
How to win the aurora?
How to build a dream
between a nightmare of centuries?

From the bottom of your pictures
- mirror in the jungle of the dollars
and bills of exchange-,
describing the sores
of a vast blind alley
that auctioned the world
at comfortable times,
that came the homelands
small batches,
with the thick silence
of hawks and thieves.

From Sopalmo being,
our apprenticeship
go over an unavoidable path
remade with a living ash
that the heart still bleeds
in the twilight. 


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