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The polyhedral man

It is usual practice to attend to the understanding of human complexity. It is common to interpret that man, by its essential nature, delves into strategies of thought that are, most of the time, even strange and surprising. And the behaviors that derive embrace, therefore, and in many occasions, incomprehensible stages for the individual that takes them to effect. Another thing will be free will, which in its most favorable register, institutionalizes freedom in the behavior of human beings. Diversity, authenticity, knowledge, personality, direct action, response to stimuli and reflection on intimacy, establish sufficient criteria to detect the compression, in its vastness, of men.

The artist Antoni Miró, in agreement with the discipline of the night, investigates, thinks, writes to the fair dictation of his chimeras, and transforms the conceptual registers into forms, light and color. The artist unfolds himself in reasons when the poetics of the multiform voice conforms to the canon of his will, always dissenting, altered and, therefore, communicative from the novelty of his approaches. And everything, absolutely everything, of open reading, as a colloquium in the philosophical agora, and with the will, from the recognition of the liberties, the own and the others, to bring closer the irresistible traits of the interpretation of the plurality: "Only the man who knows is free, and the freest he knows the most ... ", points Miguel de Unamuno in his philosophical discourse, and we with him.

Josep Sou

Universitat, 2016. UPV. Alcoi (Acríli s/llenç 116 x 81) Costeres i Ponts (Sense Sèrie)Antoni Miro