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The city, an event

Life in cities has a collegial character, just as life, that can be a great event because many of its possibilities converge in the citizen field. At each step, the existence is increased and the power, or the pulsation of civility is manifested. The city is also a great event because it is built in every historical moment with the skill that modernity marks. And the city that abandons itself to its fate is condemned to failure, since those who abandon their obligations succumb to the imperatives of the future.

And it is a true event that each citizen, more or less committed to his "community", can develop his work, and that it is useful to others. And by extension the creative, in a pure state, has the mission to interpret reality, and to serve it with the right profiles for the critical growth of collective consciousness. And the city is an event because it is the frame of reference of the struggle of men to be nourished by the essence of humanity. The street is also an event of colour, of music, of economic transaction, of rhythm and speed, of haste and, perhaps, of combat culture.

Now, the artist, from his subjectivity, from his peculiar way of looking at the world and things, induces us to reflect so that we can carry out our reading in freedom. It will not be necessary, therefore, to give answers to the unknown. Only reflection and proximity. The artist, in the urban interval, dialogues with matter and space, opening the doors of the dream or, perhaps, the horizon of an ideal world. And modern art, with a new discourse, which shuns the reductionism of representative mannerism, cooperates with the need to embrace beauty.

Josep Sou

Necròpolis (dia i nit), 2010 Nova York (Acrílic s/llenç 162 x 228-Díptic) Antoni Miro