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Hegel and Antoni Miró: the understanding of freedom

If we reside in the Hegelian postulates, freedom as an "understood" need, in the creative work of the painter Antoni Miró, we will refer to inspiration as a vital element for achieving its objective limits. That is, the possibility of choosing objects, and also of pictorial subjects, to establish the personal vision of the surrounding world. But not only the inspiration, also the calculated first material of its links with history, past and present, announce the exemplary flow of its instrument to poetize life itself: painting.

Another main coordinate coexists both in Hegel and Antoni Miró, and resolves them very close: both in the daily struggle, as in the continuous effort, reside the true individual essences of man, to become collective with the sum of all the vectors that affect in the immense power that its summons implies. Existence has no value if the absence of freedom is inscribed in the elementary behaviour of human beings. Life and freedom are axes of the same existential principle, and whose paradigm is the individual as a social being.

Freedom is built, therefore, day by day, with the inaugural ferment of effort, and when the absence of voluptuous or caustic desire, and also the absence of fear that cracks so much will, are instituted as forces that reason " understands ", and they argue, with the precision of some images that assume the risk of interpreting, again, the convenience of dignity. Always. And at all times. In any circumstance.

Josep Sou

Cuba libre, 1997 (Acrílico s/tela 60 x 60) VivaceAntoni Miro