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Of life

With excessive insistence, perhaps every day, we worry about understanding the reasons that events highlight. May be the vehemence that we show by understanding everything that happens around us and by the actions that commit our fellowmen, separate us from the paths that proximity, affections, and also work itself, require. So, to satisfy a life, or to fill it with emotions that turn it into an authentic ode of need or passion, it is not enough to exercise understanding as a method of stability, both internally and externally, but in addition to the "carpe diem" "(Horacio, Odas, 1, 11, 8), leading to take advantage of every moment of our existence, denouncing, at the same time, the shortage of its brevity, perhaps it is much higher for the interests of each one of us, the cultivation of feelings, even taking into account the designs of reason.

Josep Sou

Vera amor, 1999 (Acrílic s/taula 25 x 25) Antoni Miro