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As in the games

Children, in their games, "ask themselves" to be Superman, or Batman, also David Crockett, even Sitting Bull, all of them a source of playful inspiration, and guarantors of hours of endless fun.

The characters that still are not, even without knowing it, those of the playwright Luigi Pirandello "Six characters looking for an author", claim for the recognition that brings them to the reality of the evidence. They play, in their denials and diatribes, to achieve the benefit of real authenticity. As if to say, establish the priority need to move from "the muses to the theatre." To the life. Nothing more. Without metaphysical embodiments.

Men, or maybe some men, and we do not say it figuratively, would "ask" to be painted by the artist Antoni Miró. We would ask ourselves to be incorporated into the fidelity of his ethical reasons, but also into the comprehension (in its absolute terms) of the reality he breathes in his canvases. And why ? Well, to live an estimable life, lasting in time, and to serve as an analgesic to mitigate the awkwardness of the hours without reason. We would ask ourselves to be like Mortadelo, or like Filemon, or to think of ourselves as children when they play, to live embedded in his reflective paintings about painting in its historical flow (Pinteu Pintura). We would ask ourselves to be characters in the coats of simplicity; also almost basting indefinite and abstract in the hands of Ariadna (the very pure), to relish the rescue of a world that plunges us into the weightlessness of so much tinsel as it shines uselessly.

Josep Sou

Torna el Comte-Duc, 1981 (Acrílic s/taula 80 x 80) Pinteu PinturaAntoni Miro