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Antoni Miró: de Gades a Sol Picó

The dance. The hands that break the difficult balance of the air when resting suspended on the stage. The impulses that describe the same essence of the emotions. And the look crossing the burning light, because wishes made from the love towards art balances in thei gazes. It tells us everything. Everything is expressed. When Antonio Gades tbuilds the arches of mystery with a sweaty torso, Sol Picó sinks its feet in the same roots of a powerful wild cactus, or flies incorporated on the metamorphosis feline. Because passions explain, above all, stories, the spirit of artistic communication.

And Antoni Miró is present to capture the sense of the last of the movement, with his brushes, with his work, with his special look on of the representation, talents, re-dimensioning the space, hollowing the distance between the gesture and the strength of his painting. The experiences cross and provide a new dance of the remote colours that seem even more of a dream.

Josep Sou

Sol sola, 2010. (Acrílico s/lienzo, 162x114).Gades-22- jamás ni yugos ni trabas, 2010.(Litografía -GD s/lienzo 81x60)Antoni Miro