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Even in contradictions

The reality of a factory architecture is transcended in the painting of Antoni Miró. In its origins, when the oil impregnated the painter's fabrics, the chimneys of the factories pointed their guns towards a red sky, bloodied maybe, and collected everything in the interested look of its architect. Look, as a summary of a state of the issue, and guarantee for the continuity of the world of work. Painting, this, which presages the creative behaviour of its creator, inscribing as archetype the formal substance of his poetic work. A way of looking, that of the painter Antoni Miró, who never gets confused, even in the deep contradictions of the society to which he belongs. Perhaps the factory, or the lyrical landscape of the factories, are used by the artist with the purpose of delving into persuasion as a constructive method of a social language of their own. Already, from the first moments when the decision to scrutinize the immediate reality is resolved lifestyle, intuition dictates the way forward. And the design is fulfilled. The ideas, always the ideas, play a primordial role in the creative work of the painter, and everything is covered by the same rock, as in the case of Horacio (the great Latin poet) when he invokes: "To the just man and tenacious in his purposes neither the fury of powerful citizens nor the fierce face of a threatening tyrant will succeed in altering his firm thought."The priority of ideas is an unalterable sign in the construction of the painter's creative universe.

Josep Sou

Fàbriques, 1964 (Oli/llenç, 61 x 50) Opera PrimaAntoni Miro