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The painting of the artist Antoni Miró is a formidable watchtower to observe the rhythms of recent history. Although "History does nothing, does not possess immense wealth, nor does it fight battles. It is the man, the real and living man, who does everything, who owns and fights, "Marx-Engels said in Gesamtausgabe, I, iii, 625. The painter resolves, with the serenity of domestic hours, the universal vision of the vital institution of existence, as much as he summarizes, in the special underlining of his canvases, the documentary corpus of the times.

And everything turns into reciprocities, is united in indelible work and is legitimized in the passion to tell, without historical retreats, the history that the artist contemplates from austere and fertile silence. Surely the experience, or the value of knowledge, inquire about the scope of all the nuances that the truth involves. But the authenticity of the balance of forms shelters the discovery of collective desires: "The content of the story can only be captured as we experience it", summarizes EH Carr in What is history ?, E. Seix Barral , SA, 1970, p. 156.

Josep Sou

A cops, 1972 (Acrílic s/ taula 80 x 80) Amèrica NegraAntoni Miro