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Some questions

Why the hurt? Why so much pain? Why so, so much pain? Why the sorrow? Why so much sorrow? Why so much misery? Always have to suffer the same, all those who shudder in other people's land? Always? There is not a minimum possibility that the fog dilutes in a thousand frayed reasons?

The scaffolds serve to scare away fear while you work the hours that correspond to you within the working day. Only if you get used to the heights, of course. The security ropes are the need of each day, and the tools mean the effective guarantee of the discreet slavery that you suffer.

The knot tightens sharply, just when it clings to the throat. But the consumption of anxiolytics will certainly release you during the hours that you will be hanging next to the wind profiles.

Josep Sou

Safia a Muqdisho, 2012. Somàlia (Acrílic s/llenç 162 x 114) Manifesta (Sense Títol) Antoni Miro