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Sometimes art is also a subtle contact. On the one hand with the own universe, and that ends up crystallizing in plastic matter, on the other with the receiver to whom the creative reflection is destined. In both cases, from the demiurgic position of the artist, the current that makes the encounter possible is established. It is not about trumpeting positions of exception; it is not about manipulating the elements that converge to construct the visual discourses; it is not a question, at last, of liquidating the existence of conformity between the parties. Any assumption that feeds the possibility of removing the sensibility of contemporary societies will undoubtedly be the guarantee that the seeds have begun to germinate. Art, and artists, are for life. Antoni Miró, like the poet Joan Valls when he sings: ["... Not just a wild rebel, but a fair prey to contact."], In "Breviary of an urban hermitage", XII  Ausiàs March Award, 1974, Ed. Gandia Council, 1975, p. 43

Josep Sou

Enclusa, 1990 (Acrílic s/taula 60 x 60) Antoni Miro