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«Reading what has never been written» A social history in painting by Antoni Miró.

[“...This is an antique reading. Previous to all language, it is a reading of the core, stars or dancing»], it is what Walter Benjamin tells in his “Meditacions” (Meditations). And Antoni Miró approaches us to his convulsive worlds, where the theory of war and oppression is, perhaps, a constant: “bellum omnium contra omnes”, which Hobbes annotates. Thus, as of the artist, we draw «the author as a producer», his social praxis reconciliation and always according to what we say by the Benjaminian theory.

Antoni Miró carries out a painting where the balances between art and politics are drawn in a very unique way. His proposal is, with no excuses, impudent and rebellious through a process of multiple approaches to reality. Critiques as well as the social problems are reflected in an ironic way throughout Antoni Miró’s political art. On the contrary, his activist art gives value to the contradictions and conflicts generated by the system in the same way as Leon Golub, Marta Roster and Barbara Kruger or Jenny Holzer, among others, will do in the forties and eighties.

The viewer will leave passivity to become an active consumer of pictorial messages through his inclusion in the social cause suggested by the author: Vietnam, Chile, Black America, The Dollar, etc., contributing to the contemporary analysis of reality where the society seeks new paths to get civil guarantees.

Josep Sou

POLICIA I XIQUET, 1972 (Acrílic s/ taula, 50x65) Antoni Miro