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The poetic look of Antoni Miró: Painting and poetry

The intimate reality contemplates the pictorial poetics of the artist, Antoni Miró.. Causes are strengthened in the resolution of elementary equations: the poets love artists and painters systematically renew their desire in the world of the poetry. Clear examples determine the assertion: Espriu, Estellés, Martí i Pol, Alberti, among others, have given us their views through the art of the painter, and the artist raises the status of art to the presence of the poets. We could say that an enthusiastic communionserves as a teacher of ceremonies in the meeting of beauty.

Professor García Berrio ensures us that the poetic language suffers, by its natural creativitity, a kind of overt illness, and that inevitably separates itfrom daily colloquial language. In the same manner expressed by Simónides of Ceos, the painting is like one “silent poem”, at the same time it is a “painting with words”. Eitherway, it is unavoidable to conclude with Horacio’s postulate: ut pictura poesis, whose value renews the illusion of affine behaviours between poetry and painting.

Thus, the artist Antoni Miró frequently visits the poetic field, by inner vocation and conviction of the values that temper the poetic word. The artist, by the unstoppable will of poets that, touched by the magic aura of the painter through his work, improve verses and proses to the convergent ether of sensitivity.

Josep Sou

SOMNI DE LLIBERTAT, 2012. País València (Acrílic i collage/paper, 76x56) Antoni Miro