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The value of words that have concepts

It is true that multiple synderesis of philosophical scope have been established around language. And it is recurrent, appealing to words that go beyond the elementary samples of their significant formality, or their significant response, establishing that language is used as a medium through which philosophical analysis is carried out. Although the reasoning that we point out is not always understood in this way; "[... words like "cause", “value" and "individual", or expressions like "there", "I prefer" and "I think" raise many problems or, if you like, cause many perplexities.]" As established by the philosopher Gabriel Ferrater in "The current Philosophy", Alianza Editorial, 1970, p. 76. And in the same way we understand, if we contemplate a suitable parallelism between languages, that the conceptual approximation made by the painter Antoni Miró from his pictorial language, and to the world that inscribes and understands him, is supported by the temporary currents, transposed in true signs, now in the plastic universe. The value reached by a concrete register of pain in Antoni Miró's painting has repercussions on the elementary meaning that this concept of character, or of value, has for the artist. The artist thinks, chooses, prefers and takes advantage of the numen and the value of the individual. The anatomy of one or many perplexities could be established, in the scope that the terms of a certainly analytical language make possible.

Josep Sou

Un poble sota les llances, 1977 (Acrílic s/ taula 100x 100) El Dòlar Antoni Miro