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Antoni Miró like Louis Althusser

The history is not predetermined. The man’s need to build his future, to always split his convictions, affecting this aura of freedom, and dignity, to the human being, that defines them as such in order to tackle the vital experience, based on the irreducible will to exert the fact of inviolable humanity. Against the historicism, even against the economism, like maximum interpretation of the constructive reality of the societies, or as an explanatory expression of the social behaviour, is a strong ideological corpus in the work of Althusser, as much as in the pictorial baggage of the artist Antoni Miró. Freedom and individual commitment, which can derive in civic collective behaviour are very present in the aesthetic thought of Antoni Miró.

Josep Sou

Manhattan fire, 2002. Nova York. (Acrílico y metal s/lienzo 116x81) Antoni Miro