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Mara ArandaCantant

Voice: Mara Aranda

An alm for the love of God.
You think and whoever looks at you feels contempt
You have lost the strength that every being has
Bent and crestfallen, you drag your feet.

She looks at him with eyes of wounded bird
To whom the wings have broken
And the beak knotted with thread that cannot sing
And in the cage, it sighs for a sweet look.

You will want to fall asleep and you will not dare
Quiet, until he lies down next to you
And you hear it deeply breathe
And know that now you can breathe.

Woman that don’t dare the mirror look
You would not want to know but you know that you know
You may be alive but you have already died
Only the putrid envelope remains of you

What are you doing begging a piece of rotten love
The bread of whom you love is like poison.
If you listen to me, make your power of this song
Be the strength that was missing to say enough.
If they touch you, they touch my heart
If they stain one of us they stain all of us.
Now you say it, break your throat and say enough.

Give me your hand, I've lived in that hole,
Full of resentment, jealousy and contempt.
Give me your hand, jump and get out of the bottom of the well.
Open the padlock and point your finger north.
Give me your hand, every second counts now.
When you hear three you'll say enough ... 1,2,3 ...

A song by Mara Aranda inspired in the painting “Mendicar” of AntoniMiró
Letter, music and voice: Mara Aranda
Acoustic guitar and arrangements: Abel García
Lavta, clock, arrangements, recording and mixing: Jota Martínez at Pilgrim Records

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Pintura musicada, Antoni Miró

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