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The bicycle, a symbol of nature and technology

Klaus Groh

Antoni Miró’s Bicycles into the Micro Hall Art Center, Klein Scharrel.

The use of the oldest rule of technology, the leverage, and the combination of physical power and human intelligence are the main contents of "Antoni Miró's bicycles".

Physical power and nature, human intelligence and technology: if both these power fields are reduced, the result is art of best quality in Miró’s hands. Highly elaborated technical perspectives of an almost clinical image "bicycle" in front of a nearly romantic surrounding "nature".

The technical creations, the almost technical drawings, possess the basic elements of aesthetic and technology, of nature and intelligence. Complementary alienating elements, borrowed as quotations of art history, integrated in an absurd surrealistic way, a brilliant technical presentation of everyday small talk!

Why are there no such bicycles?

Art deco - art technique - technique deco - deco technique -!?!?

A permanent interaction of sensitive perception, association as a game, but also as a form of serious reflection.

When images of violence and fear are imposed on smooth, apparently working machinery, the unsuspecting observer is suddenly thrown back into forgotten, but not vanished, past events.

At the same time, Miró shows through his aesthetical perfection a "bicycle-track" that guarantees in the most strict sense of the word a survival for the future.

A piece of art as the most human machine since the invention of the wheel!