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Josep Lluís Peris Gomez

[...] The persuasive function, the complicity with the spectator and the introduction of linguistic and metalinguistic elements acquire a pictorial value that strengthens the cathartic intention of the messages on the subject, thus impressing the whole series with a visual an d discursive coherence which is basic in order to achieve a disquieting suggestive impact that by no means allows the beholder of these works to remain indifferent or neutral. Rupture and recovery are combined in a difficult discursive and constructive equilibrium that furnishes the whole of this oeuvre with singularity and ‘modernity’, and above all offers a powerful persuasive complicity, both intelligent and sensitive, between com positions and spectator. [...]
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SIRENA D’AIGUAMOLL, 1992 (Acrílic s/ taula, 200x100) Antoni Miró

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