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José María Iglesias

[...]In this kind of art of “denunciation” and “commitment”, frequently all the artist’s effort concentrates on the subject, whereas the execution is rather left aside, or even openly transformed into a sort of bad taste caricaturization. However, this is never the case with Antoni Miró; when he takes an image from any resource, he reinforces it pictorially; he does so without depriving it of its character, without hiding its origin, which is also its reference, the authentication of the artist’s intention. The work attracts me because of its artistic content, which is what leads us to take our time watching it, within that highly valued aesthetic process by which we make it ours. It is then when the message becomes efficient, when we see the oppression, the degradation, the submission, the brutality and the violence, to sum up, the lack of freedom denounced by the artist.[...]
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MALASTRUC, 1993 (Acrílic s/ taula, 136x98) Antoni Miró