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Allegory of Antoni Miró

Joan Valls

The multicolour world you have created
saves it from the fog and lie.
I do not know if you have discovered the truth,
but your eyes became the magnet
of an immense and magnetic oracle
which renews the feelings to everybody.

As an admirer of your art I would say
I comply with the dexterity and fight
enraged between joy and elegy,
full of light and originality,
and you are a fair autocrat of a horizon
that balances in you, Antoni Miró.

The firm youth you have approached us to
clarifies the path in an unbeaten burst.
Your art is a cry of crowd.
Follow the thread that has never been broken.
And you have accused falcons of misfortune
lighting the swearword effectively.

From the worst rusts and archaisms
you have taken out the cry, the strength and the frankness
and against the portents full of venom
you have accused the cuts of the injustice.
Taking always the painting as a banner
claiming across borders.

You have captured, among hate and dark,
the bloody hardship of the misfortune
and the ethnic ebony of the black race
where the impunity serves as a cover of death.
You have pursued the lost tear
of those who lack of help.

The world is not clear yet.
Lower politics have it prisoner
of the grey jungle where the brutal
and definite holocaust is prepared
while the pigeon, the cross and the songs
are singing for peace behind the cannons.

But your alleluia understands
the new flair beyond
all the rubbish, because your breath
takes the depths from peoples’ air.
You will always stay as you are, stuffed of love,
a painter of freedom without darkness.

Antoni, from Alcoi: if you will be encouraged,
you will hoist the paint brush and your mind
will be enlightened by the most inspired brightness
so that you incessantly express the daring protest,
I praise you the propitious courage
of your art against so much tyranny. 


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