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A great secret

Tatjana Milosavljevic

If we agree with the thesis that “the art of today aspires to emphasize individuality”, then it is clear that the art of Antoni Miró is a perfect part of such a European concept. Convinced that “the experience of beauty is cosmically universal”, Miró changes from the artist as imitator into the builder of a new world of objects. It seems that he defines his own artistic poetry by this imperative: a release from all prejudice, then a start of subtle work based on formal facts.

Whether he is occupied with painting, graphic work, sculpture or objects, Miró, has a real Renaissance spirit, always showing the joy of discovering, and radicalism. What truly amazes, is his absolute devotion, not only to art, but also to a specific way of life and thinking that, again, conditions and determines the specific relation to his own talent and art.

Someone once said that “the cornerstone of art, and the real beginning of all kinds of work, is based on drawing and colour.” Therefore, Miró’s synthetic totalities speak through the drama of lines and colours, creating visually convincing images, no matter what he is describing. On the one hand, firm, strong, uncompromising drawing, discrete geometry, and graphic construction; on the other, colour researching, even the treatment of colour as living organism, along with informal composite solutions, a pars pro toto method, and complex structures.

Carrying on an open dialogue with tradition, as well as with the contemporary world, Miró’s visual sensations speak, mainly through expressive and narrative figuration, where characters appear as associations, idea carriers.

That is why Miró’s art symbolism has a significant place. Symbols represent “the binding force of the universe,” and are concerned with what is of greatest importance to man-his own life and his own mind. In any case, this artist considers myth as reality itself.

In fact, Miró puts together his own spiritual and practical experiences, recording the tempo of his own life, its passage in time and space. The art of Antoni Miró amazes because it is the fruit of adventure, the product of fantasies, but still - a big secret.