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Raúl Guerra Garrido

[...] Miró’s inspiration is nourished of a previous iconography as a selection of the ancestors themselves (I come from him who stimulates me, not from him who precedes me) in which, the colour, spot or figure, it introduces the word. All of them are valid, one to one or all in a group, the registered trademark, the saying, the idiom, the literate quotation or the previous title of another work. All of them have the auto referred capacity of language which not only is a medium but also turns into grapheme, a sign with symbolic capacity that belongs to structure and balances its composition. Polysemy that flies and keeps you awake: glides all over the linen and explains connections. [...]
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OP-POP, 1989 (Acrílic s/ llenç, 100x100) Antoni Miró