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To Antoni Miró from Barcelona

Ovidi Montllor

Voice: Pepa Alòs i Francesc Anyó


(perhaps a secret of new colour games ?, or, saving words with no name?.)


(Suddenly it brings clarity and answers screaming. Miserly mouths remain stilling.)


Myself.- I remember Toni as shy, emotional, artist, supportive, from Alcoy, stubborn, obstinate, ant, pure horse, oriental cat, envied, punished, generous and loved.

Toni.- Hey!...

Myself.- SILENCE!

Toni.- (He goes with his silence). A group of people enter shouting and cheering. They observe how Toni walks away while I light a cigarette at the back of the stage and pay attention to the group that suddenly stills.

One.- Who is that possessed boy?

Another one.- Shut up, fuck! It's Toni!

One.- Is the blind man from the place Cantó Pinyó?

The another one.- Can you notice that he is a Mironian?

The entire group.- (They remain with their mouths open to say oh! but they keep silent.) I turn off the light and everyone rushes to scream while the curtain drops but the public cannot observe it because we have already said that everything is dark.)

* The dramatic play, not having too much extension, can be repeated in different tonalities until remaining aphonic involving the assumption of trying to say things.

Pintura musicada, Antoni Miró

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