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The replica

Músics Mireia i BorjaMúsics

Voice: Mireia i Borja

You wait for me up the escalator
with a very little diplomatic bag,
your glance flees from the rhetoric
today is not the day, I do not see you very empathic
I see how you move in a pathetic way,
you always so little friend of the aesthetic
only seeing you I become volcanic
today is the day of a Punic war
-What's wrong?
-What do you think?
-I don’t know
-As usual
-Do not start
-We have
-I do not understand you
-And you don’t want to
-Yes I want
It was about time,
you and I have never understood each other
I don’t know how I can stand by you!
I don’t know how I can be with you!
What a suffering,
It's a hell!
The fault is the suitcase.
If you want I invite you with a Larios with tonic
we leave the bad roll, we appeal to logic,
after all we have not lost the chemistry
and casually I have brought an harmonica
I love your alcohol proposal
(But) one and we leave without losing the metric
It seems that today we will have a magical night,
poetic, empirical, elastic, historical,
You with the suitcase and I alone in my house.

A song by MireiaVives and BorjaPenalba inspired in the painting "Valisa" of AntoniMiró
Music and lyrics: Penalba-Vives
Arrangements and production: BorjaPenalba
Recorded and mixed in Traffic of sounds (Benimaclet) by us

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Pintura musicada, Antoni Miró

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