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Jordi Tormo


Antoni Miró and the Water Tribunal have much in common which makes them leaders in their respective fields. While Miró is a distinguished painter within the world of Valencian art and culture due to his work, career, and international renown, the Water Tribunal is a distinguished institution which is essential for an understanding the cultural heritage of today’s Valencian Country. While the activity of the Tribunal is noted for its orality, Miró uses the same language, Valencian, as the members of the Tribunal to name his paintings. While the activity of the Tribunal takes place in one single act held every Thursday to resolve the problems of the irrigators, Miró immortalises all he wishes to transmit in a painting directly and with a succinct title. His images speak for themselves.[...]

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EXPECTACIÓ, 2017. València (Acrílic s/ llenç, 65x92) Antoni Miró