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To Antoni Miró

Jordi Gil

the espadrilles of the patriots
to elude
roads near Almansa.
As far as the sea softens
and caresses Valencia
nude of blues
and the quadrupled front.

The Imperial spears
cannot do anything
and tyranny will never submit the art
of the angelic hand moving the brush
guided by the will.

With a GTI bicycle
stepping on the roads that lead to heaven
to the sky of the spirit
where the slave does not exist
nor does the daring man inhabit purgatory.

the espadrilles of the brave men
and committed
with the earth and the language.
Against hunger a gesture
and against sadness
a multicolored world
of complete serenity.

The nights shine
and warm breath
the dawn smiles clean and joyful
no fog in the mirror
of this noble country
claiming for human rights
of wounded men.


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