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The museum of imagination

Jadwiga Najdowa

The museum of the imagination of Antoni Miró is a beautiful and amazing world. Here time doesn't count, every event occurs at the same moment: from de “Mona Lisa” -women with a omniscient smile- up to the “Guernica” of Picasso, the “Llances Imperials” of Velazquez, scenes of the Greg jars. All together requires a personal compromise of the artist. As if it was the work of a magic lamp appearing in the silent night of the studio a handful of paintings and images that are more real than reality its self. Peculiar world.

It isn't, then, at all strange that the surrealism aura emanates from many compositions of the artist. The synaesthesia of the elements of impact, the cites, the essential implications. It is useless to find here the confusion of the baroque, the discord of fauvism. The mind and the hand of the artist takes us to transparent situations, to pure outline forms, of decidedly guided lines and bright colouring, with exquisite taste tending to monochrome.

Of Miró we can say with full security that he never has been submitted to any fashion. It's as if no style arrived, the modern art tendency in his works. When they approach, it's sure that they will turn pale and disappear in the brightness of the sunbeam of Catalonia. It would be a mistake to think that the artist is a typical misanthrope. On the contrary, he keeps relations with art centres, all sorts of circles: from the most important to the most modest. His works are present in many museums and galleries all around the world. Also in Poland.

He experiments his possibilities with different materials. He does paintings, big size and smaller ones, sculpture and sculpture - object. However, what seems to be more near of his temperament is the graphic works, so rich in the different technical possibilities and elaboration. Especially here it manifests a incalculable scale of interpretation: skill in observation, ingenuity, fantasy, irony –ensuring the art of Antoni Miró– a place of honour in contemporary art.