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Antoni Miró, painting is freedom

J. Seafree

The fact of painting sets commitment and attachment between essences, as numerous marks of the different life circumstances: the colour of the wood, the sea colour, the eyes that smile like a laughter between the waves. In that way, we find Antoni Miró’s pictorial work. Paintings collections in different materials, subjects and intentions. The metaphor and the fruits, at the same time, of the journey, of the fact of travelling, of the resulting experience in each chosen trip. Modem icons, classical sculptures, animals... denunciations, discoveries and landmarks that pay their particular tribute to art and life, and both them in each picture, like dawn tom by scissors, ready to dazzle us, to show us another new horizon with its own and renewed dawn.

Evolution and word, peace and silence, weapons and freedom of expression, strings and obstacles, silhouettes and dreams, all of them also have their room in the luggage for that admirable task. And faces, bicycles, tools, letters, heterogeneous signs of the society walk with that clothes, go and come, that moor sometimes uninhabited and sometimes full of stored mirrors. And we celebrate our gratitude to the memory through that playful labyrinth of aesthetic references. We can also find history and geography which acrylic arranges according plastic associations, wide fields of vision, as wide and generous of pictures as reality is.

The trip, what happens, what it is looked for, what it is found by chance; what happens far from our hands but near what we feel. Each step and each wall mix an organic whole and the structures, where materiality and acclaim exist side by side in defence of justice or any other necessary domestic utopia. Domestic visions which are useful to make peace in reason or cover with uncertainty the irreverent irrationality. In that way Antoni Miró shows his works like pages of a book which identifies itself with existence.

Awaiting for being found out, written down in the margins of the canvas, we can read short poems, notes only just for his dense trip: the honour of the palette, the dignity of the colours, the shades with the laces well tied, the house of the pleasant metamorphosis. Painting and creation at the window of sincerity. And from it contemplate like cardinal points or visible parallel curtains:

music - painting - nature - silence

the sea - image - human being - time

Essential fragments of a conciliatory path, a humble journey to cover with his perfect bicycles, curious shapes that escape from noise pollution. Since poetic commodity clings, going around, to the wheel spokes of such as peculiar velocipedes.

Despite the variety of ranges and recognizing a wide versatility in Antoni Miró’s work, the recall of his pictures always leaves us a warm feeling of a sand light which caress the pillar of the memory. When painting is freedom words are at his service and the artistic fact, covered with essential stealth and water, becomes pleasure and honourable accommodation..


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