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Peter Künstermann

For the first time I met Antoni as a friend in the mail, through his mail art - which means to him “mail as art” and “art by mail” as veil. His art cards made me fall in love with his bicycle portraits. Full of detailed imagination and subtle humour, they transform those simple means of mass society transport into light-weight aesthetic 20th-century icons. Some of them bear the touch of mythological objects, proofs of the surrealist irony of the sharp observer from Alcoi, who depends on no fashion.

These bicycles prepared my access to the other Miró: the engaged fighter for freedom and justice, unconventional and non-compromising. Even when reminding us of the horrors of this world in our time, he catches our eyes and minds with tongue-in-cheek allusions to classical paintings, with subtle metaphoric quotations that allow him to combine unexpectedly the most diverse of all those worldly topics which attract his interest, thus establishing surprising associations. Masterly Antoni opens our eyes for the over realistic; his message comes easygoing with a smile.

His ever-amazing rich variety of placative colours, forms and techniques blends perfectly with the unusual perspectives of his fantastic world. We are proud that his works can now also be seen at Minden’s Culture Centre BÜZ in old Romanic St. John’s Church, after numerous exhibitions in the worldwide network.