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Olexander Butsenko

[...] However, as was stated, his paintings are polysemantic, beginning from aesthetic comprehension and ending in the deciphering of a detail. And the first is, undoubtedly, more important.

If the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges is known as “the librarian of world literature,” then the Valencian artist Antoni Miró could be rightfully called “the treasurer of world painting.” His estate Mas Sopalmo near Alcoi, where he lives with his wife and son, resembles a museum, and here everything is systematized and catalogued “even better than in many museums,” notes the artist.

With the self-irony peculiar to him, he joked, showing one of his object-painting works (a figure of a soldier-dollar which divides into two parts), that those who bought it would have a double profit — both painting and sculpture for a single price, and very convenient to handle at that: it could be folded up. In the spirit of Valencian Antoni Miró, this book presents not only the creative endeavour of a talented artist but a peculiar gallery of world art.

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METAMORFOSI-2, 1975-76 (Pintura objecte, 2-100x70) Antoni Miró

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