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Antoni Miró

José Mª Moreno Galván

Michel Stanesco said that “le page d’un manuscrit enluminé est bien différente de celle d’un livre imprimé: son espace est minutieusement calculé en fonction du texte, des images et des marges”. Here is how we understand the reading of the history by Antoni Miró in Històries (de la nostra història). A reality that check, with the subtle and often critical view of direct society. Miró often used elements that have reach in the first place, the painting, the colours, the canvas, the matter, on the second place, the speech, the words and literature. The artist knows how to adapt his language to the message you are looking for. All this builds one of the strongest artistic careers while been part of our civic culture.

Antoni Miró is a committed author. A reference point for the defense of the freedom of people, women, men, or any person who needs to fight for their individuality. The personal commitment he has always shown, always support and offered to our university is a reality that we must always recognize. Thus, several times with smaller samples, Miró has transferred to our institution the work from various aspects of our society. For all this, it was our duty to his painting and sculpture been part of our fence. Visitors of the MUA (Museum of the University of Alicante) can enjoy an educational tour on the reading of the story that the artist has done more than fifty years dedicated to the creation.

Since the pictures of ¨l’Òpera Prima¨ which showed the first stages from the artistic point of view, to the pieces of the wellknown series “Pinteu Pintura” or “Vivace”, we can savor the savoir faire of Miró, the high quality of his compositions, from several sources where he was attracted by the subsequent expressionism developments to pop-art, up to the ultimate collection “Sense Títol”, marked, without any doubt, by a connection of absolute reality. A set of chromatism and materials that did not prevent the mixture of form and discourse in a strong and disturbing trend. A prolific artist and an experimenter of the techniques who will continue giving our society so intense and comprehensive samples such as the one now presented to the Museum of the University of Alicante.